Most adult dogs still enjoy to play. Domestication causes lifelong playfulness in dogs. Playing isn't just a distraction in it's his DNA. Play Get down, run, play hide-and-seek, or make up your own activities to satisfy this basic dog drive.

Having Fun

Walking the dog is a classic way to release your pet's energy. We often let the dog out into the enclosed yard to "exercise" when life gets crazy since it's handy. A quick walk with your dog is better than fretting. Walking your dog around the neighbourhood lets him exercise and meet the neighbours.

Greetings, I Am Strolling In

Grooming your dog may add to your long "to-do" list. Brushing your dog can strengthen your bond and clean him. Your dog will love the attention, and you may check his coat and skin. Grooming him becomes easier with time.

The Comb-Over

Spaying or neutering is generally seen as cruel. It's true that your pet may not like being spayed or neutered, but the facts show how these basic treatments can improve your lives. Prevents cancer and other disorders. Neutered male dogs mark, roam, and hump less. You'll also prevent US pet homelessness.

The Fix

Dog toys are plentiful. Toys can entertain your best friend for hours. A basket of toys will keep your dog busy when you're away and let you play together when you are. Buy safe, durable toys.

Enjoy Some Time With Your Toys

Food drives dogs no surprise there. A tasty goodie shows your dog you care. Snacking is fine if he's healthy. There are several healthful treats, such tiny carrots, for overweight dogs.

 Lip Smackin Good

Like grooming, training may seem like a duty rather than a kindness. Train your dog kind. it's Well-trained canines spend more time with the family and are more accepted. A well-trained dog makes everyone happy.

Good Boy, Sit, Stay, and Behave

Have you considered a play date for your dog? , A doggie play date can satisfy your pup's pack mentality, whether you meet in your home or at a dog park.

It’s a Date

Why not take your pet to town? More public locations are dog-friendly. Searching online for dog-friendly places in your region may surprise you. See our pet-friendly restaurant and retail tips! . Be sure your dog is leashed and trained for public trips, and call ahead to make sure your destination is dog-friendly!

Out and About

Most of the activities on this list involve spending time with your dog. Your dog considers you the centre of his world, so a little time and care from you makes him happy. 

Time Is On My Side

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