Loyal Dog Breeds

Need a loyal four-legged friend? Check out these faithful dog breeds! 

Each breed, from the strong German Shepherd to the loving Golden Retriever, has unique traits that make them ideal pets.

Saint Bernards are gentle. Giant dogs. The powerful dogs appear to comprehend that their power is for good. These curious, non-aggressive dogs are taught to guide travellers. A faithful dog breed.

Saint Bernards

Queen Elizabeth had Corgis in her palace. These dogs make good pets. Very loving. The American Kennel Club lists these as the most popular herding breeds.


Pitbulls are misrepresented as dangerous, aggressive, & terrible dogs. However, pitbull owners will tell you they are very affectionate & committed to their families. Pitbulls are successful therapy dogs.


Newfoundlands, the world's largest dogs, are patient & loyal. Heavy dogs can weigh as much as adults, but they are too sweet to pose a menace. For affection, the fluffy dogs will dedicate their lives to you.


Recently, many dogs are poodle mixes. Many breeders use the poodle gene to make their pups hypoallergenic & attract more purchasers. Poodles are more than allergy-friendly fur. This intelligent dog is perfect for training. It knows its owner's worth.


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