Low-maintenance dog breeds

If you want a dog but worry you won't have time to care for it, low-maintenance breeds are ideal.

Work, family, & busy weekends might add stress, but having a dog shouldn't.

They won't require much grooming or exercise, & they may not have many health issues, reducing vet visits & worry time.

Long-haired Dachshunds take a lot of work, whereas wire-haired ones need grooming sometimes. Short-coated dogs need only a weekly brush to eliminate extra hair. 


French Bulldogs are clean until they're playing in mud. Brushing is simple because their short, fine fur doesn't mat. Their hair type makes shedding easy.

Bull Dogs

Chihuahuas are delightful to walk in a park or around the block because they only need 20–30 minutes of exercise each day, sometimes split into two or three walks.


Due to their controversial use in racing, Greyhounds may seem restless. Contrary. They're not hyperactive and enjoy gardening or leisurely walks. They prefer brief spurts of speed, but one hour outdoors will keep them fit.


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