Long-Lived Dog Breeds

Some dogs live longer & healthier than others, but we all want them to. These dog breeds are among the healthiest. 

The Shih Tzu's luxuriant hair helps hide its 11-inch shoulder height & 16-pound weight. Shih Tzus love appearing cute. 

These pups need need daily walks & playtime with their owner. Shih Tzus are not heat-tolerant or adept swimmers, therefore active owners should leave them at home. 

You can spend 18 years with these lively snuggling pals if you don't overwork them. Shiba Inus are great pets for allergy sufferers. 

Except for allergy-related itching, these magnificent canines live 13–16 years without health issues. Even dogs with allergen-sensitive genes can live long & happy lives. 

The greatest breeders avoid passing them on. It shouldn't affect your Shiba's longevity. The typical schnauzer lives up to 16 years, while the miniature & enormous live 15 years. 

The Standard Schnauzer Club of America surveys only medium-sized Schnauzers every five years. The Standard Schnauzer has no health issues, according to their research. 

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