Least Obedient Dog Breeds in the World

All dogs in the world, deserves to have attention and abundance of their owner. 

As well as proper training, specially when they were young. Moreover, some of the breads are very much stubborn as compare to the other dog breads when it comes to obedience. 

This could may be because of their intelligence level, mischievousness & independence, making them more resistant for training. 

It is very much important to remember for the owner that not each & every dogs can have same personality. 

They can have different personalities & genetic makeup, so that patience and kindness goes longer in a dog in teaching them problem-solving, obedience, & socialization skills.

We are having three non obedient dog breads in our list. But they still make adorable companions and loving nature.Lets, check it out right now.

We know, that your are little confulsed after seeing Border Collie in this list. But we want to say that we are having a perfectly good reason behind it. While the agile, intense Border Collie is known for its ultimate & boundless energy, very hardworking.

Border Collie

The Spanish water dog is like a so much loving family dog, but don't be fooled by their shaggy & goofy appearance. This breed was developed to work hard as a hunting & also a herding breed, & their drive to protect & guard is very strong. 

Spanish Water Dog

The Irish wolfhound dog is originated as a war dog, during battle, pulling soldiers off horses. These dog breads were also used as a hunting breed to go after dangerous & large game.

Irish Wolfhound

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