KFC will launch a new recipe soon

KFC is putting more weight behind this hypothesis by releasing an all-new chicken sandwich just in time for the upcoming Christmas season. 

On a lightly toasted potato bun, the Gravy Lovers Sandwich features the restaurant chain's signature hand-breaded. 

Chicken piled high with Monterey jack cheese, creamy mayo, & an indented hash brown (we will discuss this aspect of the sandwich in more detail in a moment). 

The sandwich is available for a limited time only. According to the website Fast Food Post, it comes with, you guessed it, a side of gravy on the side. 

According to the source, the indentation in the hash brown serves as a bowl, & you are supposed to be able to fill it with gravy & then let it spill out onto the edges of the sandwich. 

That's really brilliant, wouldn't you say so? After I've gotten your attention with the uplifting information, I do have something to share with you. 

Only in Canada can you purchase a sandwich with gravy on it called the Gravy Lovers Sandwich. For a total of approximately $8.08 USD (or $10.80 CAD), you may get your hands on the limited-edition sandwich. 

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