Interesting Things About Dogs will surprise you

Dogs are considered to be man's best friend and are remarkable in a variety of ways. 

The following are some interesting & likely shocking facts about dogs that you should know. 

If you had been around, you probably knew everyone. Dogs, although having vision that is far inferior to that of humans, are amazingly capable of perceiving colour. 

This indicates that they are able to recognise colour & give colour preference when selecting their preferred toy or gift. 

Dogs have excellent memories & are capable of comprehending up to 250 different words. They are also able to recall incidents that took place as recently as five years ago. 

Dogs have the ability to identify individual humans & distinguish amongst crowds of people simply by looking at their faces. 

You have a knack for recognising known persons almost instantly, particularly acquaintances & family members. 

Their nostrils are fifty times larger than those of a human, which contributes to their acute sense of smell. They have a very long range of smell, which they frequently put to use in order to investigate new environments. 

Their superior squirrels also assist them in locating other animals in the jungle & unearthing delicacies that have been carefully concealed.

 Despite the fact that they spend the majority of their time sleeping, dogs are actually able to go without sleep for twice as long as humans can (In order to stay healthy & fit, dogs need regular & sufficient sleep). 

When running, dogs are capable of taking up to 200 steps per second. This can move even more quickly than a human. The decibel level of a dog's bark can reach up to 120. That is as loud as a Ferrari accelerating away from the starting line!

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