Inflammatory Drinks

Inflammation is trending. Untreated inflammation can cause cancer, heart disease, & other health issues. 

Preventing inflammation helps numerous conditions. Know which drinks worsen inflammation. 

The Cleveland Clinic believes preserved meats, fried food, sugary snacks, & processed cereals may increase chronic inflammation. 

Drinks cause inflammation too. Since high-sugar diets cause inflammation, drinking sodas, fruit drinks, & sugar-sweetened coffees may cause it. 

Non-dairy milk isn't healthier. These drinks inflame. "Not all non-dairy milk brands & variations are equal," says Balance One Supplements RD Trista Best. 

Sugared & flavoured oat milk inflames. Flavorless foods offer 7 grammes of sugar per serving. Gluten allergy & sensitivity increase inflammation. 

Some oats are produced in gluten-containing facilities, producing cross-contamination." Southerners enjoy sweet tea. Unfortunately, these sugary drinks are named such. Goodson warns against sweet tea. 

"Added sugars can cause chronic inflammation, & many sugar-sweetened beverages are basically sugar & calories." Nutrition Research found that cutting sugary drinks reduced blood inflammatory markers. 

Water, mildly flavoured waters, or water with fresh fruit are low-sugar hydration options for inflammation watchers." 

"While smoothies could be wonderful for meal replacement or post-workout recovery, many of the ones you buy at smoothie cafes really have added sugar in a term you may not recognise, called turbinado," Goodson says. 

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