German "Leo"! Leonbergers share Leonberg's lion-crest. Working dog! A range of entertaining dog toys and a few hours of gentle exercise can keep this doggie happy and quiet all day. Leonbergers' manes need daily care. Regular brushing and bathing prevent tangles from matting. Their thick double coats heat up quickly, therefore limit activity to chilly places.


Boerboel means "farmer's dog" in Afrikaans and Dutch. A appropriate moniker for a South African breed that defends fields from predators! Boerboels need lots of fun with a knowledgeable pet parent. Obedience training and park walks can link you with this outdoor-loving dog. Brushing this giant dog type weekly decreases shedding.

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound, a good pet, tracks wolves. This giant is too friendly for security. Irish Wolfhounds need exercise to avoid boredom. A sturdy chew toy will help this dog chew properly. Wire hair coatings benefit from weekly brushing.

Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd history is great! This shepherd's ancestors are from ancient Anatolia's Bronze Age. Like most shepherds, Anatolians are trained to protect their "herd," whether agricultural animals or family members. They can burn off energy in their home environment by spending as much time outside as feasible.

 Great Pyrenees

Superb! Great Pyrenees guarded Louis XIV's Chateaux. The King of France named the "Patou" the royal dog because he loved his dog. Farm dogs are still playful and protective. Pyres aren't playful, yet they'll watch your house 24/7. A periodic whitening wash rinse can make your coat look royal.


A big lapdog? Newfoundland! "Newfies" gentle giants are seafarers. Newfies helped fishermen haul nets, carry lines, and rescue overboarders. Newfoundlanders love water. Swimming is low-impact for joint-problem dogs. Brushing maintains their thick, water-repellent coats. A clean, fluffy Newfoundland is the best bedtime companion!

St. Bernard

Beethoven's lovely St. Bernard was a Hollywood rarity. These calm hospice employees turned mountain search-and-rescue dogs. St. Bernards need less exercise because they grow fast. Walking slowly helps seniors. St. Bernards shed twice a year, but their drooling needs constant cleaning.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Berna, Switzerland, named the adorable Bernese Mountain Dog. The Berner, a farm protector, now embraces families. Berners appreciate nature and adapt well. No black bear! These canines need frequent grooming due to their thick, shedding double coat. Dematting and deshedding remove dead hair and promote growth.

Great Dane

These limbs were designed to walk. The English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound contributed to the Great Dane's size. Zeus, a Dane, broke the record by an inch at 3.5 feet. Great Danes are tall dogs. Six colours of smooth-coated Great Danes include the popular black-and-white "harlequin" pattern.

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