15 fun-loving dog breeds

Want a fun friend? These energetic dogs enjoy to run around the park or beach. 

If you have kids or are a first-time dog owner, you may have considered adopting a friendly dog breed. Consider your lifestyle while contemplating a dog's playfulness. 

Energetic, lively dogs are fantastic companions because they love trying new things, but they have certain limitations. Playful dogs need lots of exercise to expend their energy. 

Consider a low-maintenance breed if you're busy or like to relax. To engage a playful dog, choose a variety of enjoyable activities and have plenty of playthings. 

Active dogs love balls, frisbees, & chew toys, & fetch & hide-&-seek are popular dog games.


Labradoodles are smart, playful, & loving. This lovely hound will make a great pet if you can exercise at least two hours per day. 

Golden Retrievers are versatile. They are loyal & sociable, but once off the leash, they love to play. Golden Retrievers are people-pleasers. To avoid boredom & destruction, they must utilize their infinite energy.

Golden Retriever

The English Springer Spaniel's energy is unmatched. These joyful dogs are always looking for something to do. They need mental & physical stimulation to avoid destructive conduct. 


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