Front door colour meanings?

Your home's front entrance provides a first impression & sets expectations for the interior. Door colour is crucial. 

You're not alone if you're curious about front door colours. Your front entrance should reflect the rest of your home's style. 

Whatever your style or budget, there are many colour possibilities to make your front door stand out. 

We asked colour psychologists, decorators, & interior designers for opinions on classic & contemporary front door colour meanings. 

This cool, serene, contemporary colour works in period & modern palettes. Irene Gunter, co-founder of Gunter & Co., says a painted front door warms her heart. 

Blue Door

You want to look smarter, cleaner, and friendlier than your neighbours. Black front doors are classic & stylish. Black is thought to be the only front door colour that increases property value, so it's a good choice if you're selling. 

Black entrance

Red is the most interesting colour since it has no one meaning. Red is a passionate & energising hue. Red symbolises wealth & prestige. In the 17th century, wealthy courtiers to Louis XIV wore red-dyed shoes, & Ancient Greece employed a VIP red carpet. 

Red Door

The colour green soothes, inspires, & excites. A green front door is considered to inspire balance, liveliness, & good fortune. According to Feng Shui, green promotes growth, equilibrium, & benevolence.

Green Door

Yellow is the most joyful hue, bringing warmth & vibrancy to any area. Yellow is a prominent Feng Shui front door colour that highlights our home's appearance. As one of the most cheerful colours, it has a rebirth.

Yellow Door

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