French Fries you must try

French Fries, Chefs believe Americans eat nearly 40 pounds of French fries annually. 

Famous chefs, who you might think only eat the best food, prefer fast food. Doubtful? They've shared burgers; now they're sharing fries. 

The winner is a classic. Chef Colt Taylor loves In-N-Out burgers but hates their fries. Taylor loves In-N-Out after living in L.A "McDonald's fries win. 

Russet Burbank potatoes make crisp fries." The Forked Spoon's head chef Jessica Randhawa calls McDonald's the greatest. Perfectly-cooked, firm, seasoned potatoes never disappoint. 

East Village chef David Gross recommends fresher McDonald's fries: "McDonald's fries are always a nice choice (tip: ask for low salt). 

Favorites include Sonic's tots & strawberry slush." Florida chef Sean Ferraro promotes McDonald's "McDonald's fries are delicious. I want fresh ones because of recollections." 

Rococo Steak's Jordan Buendia believes spicy Cajun fries are a must with his Five Guys burger. Bixby concurs: "Favorite Five Guys fries are Cajun-seasoned. With a restricted menu, fryers are rarely used & fries are well-soaked & washed." 

Chef Andre Fuehr praises Paris Baguette's fries. "I used to favour McDonald's, but now I prefer In-N-Out. At least I know it's a real potato, even if it's not properly fried. 

Coated fries hurt quality. Five Guys fries." Chef Kora Bruno recommended, "Unpopular Arby's has good fries. 

Better curly fries. Salty, classic McDonald's fries. Trustworthy." Checkers' fries have "the ideal blend of pepper & salt," says Bar Rescue's Brian Duffy.

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