Free & low-cost burgers are now being offered at McDonald's. 

The month of December will see McDonald's roll out a series of deals similar to those it offered in December of the previous year. 

However, this year's deals come with one hundred percent less Mariah Carey. 

The promotion for this year is very similar to the one that was offered to you last year. There will be a significant number of sales & a few drops of merchandise as well. 

However, this year it will also allow you to enter a contest to win a McGold Card, which entitles the holder to free food for the rest of their lives (or 50 years, which is a lot still). 

During the time that the December discounts are active, you have the opportunity to join the app to win that prize for you and up to three of your friends. 

Merchandise is also available for purchase. You will be able to gain access to the special new merchandise that will be made available on December 7 & 14 if you spend at least one dollar within the app. 

On December 7, you'll be able to find Chicken McNuggets stockings, Dream Order PJs, McDonald's AM Wrapper Hoodies & PM Wrapper Hoodies in Egg McMuffin & Cheeseburger patterns, & a dipping sauces puzzle. 

All of these items will be available for purchase. The next day, December 14, Diamond Supply Co. will release a graphic t-shirt. 

Sweatshirt, & beanie all featuring the Hamburglar character. A single month's worth of McDonald's is a significant amount of business to manage.

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