Favorite Small Dogs

As with any misconception, little dog breeds aren't always "yappy," hyperactive, or hard to train. 

Small dogs—even toy breeds—have lots of personality. These little dogs are loyal & caring with adults & children. 

These cute, little dogs live longer than their larger counterparts & are content in any place, from a huge home to a studio apartment. 

Chihuahuas are Techichi descendants from Central or South America. They average 6 pounds & 6 inches tall. Chihuahuas are cute little pups with big-dog attitudes, but they need training like any other dog. 


Griffs are 9–11-inch height & weigh 5–15 pounds. With their expressive bearded faces & wide eyes, they are the little old men of tiny dogs. In Belgium, they worked & were noble companions.

Brussels Griffon

The little but regal Pomeranian has the presence of a lion. If untrained, the little dog will rule your home. Poms are 6–7 inches tall & 3–7 pounds. They are the smallest Spitz dog, along with the Samoyed, Alaskan malamute, & Norwegian elkhound. 


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