Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets Ranked

Chicken nuggets evoke childhood nostalgia. Adults love their crunchy outside & delicate, juicy interior. 

Good Chicken Nuggets Are Like Fast-Food French Fries. We Tried Eight Popular Fast-Food Nuggets & Rated Them Based On Taste & Crispness. 

We Considered Pricing & Serving Size To Determine The Meal's Value. Let's Compare Fast-Food Chicken Nuggets. 

Small McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Are Great For Smaller Hands. Adults Love The Shapes, Too. These Chicken Nuggets Ranked Low Because They Tasted Most Processed. 

A Four-Piece Dish At A Competing Fast-Food Business Cost $2.19. Next, Burger King. Eight For $1.99. 

That's Double McDonald's Nuggets For The Same Price. Eight Of These Nuggets Can Be Eaten Rapidly. Burger King Nugget Were Piping Hot. Thin Breading & Processed Chicken Resembled Frozen Chicken Nuget. 

Four Chicken Nuggets Cost $1.84 At Wendy's. These Are Smaller Nuggets, So While They Might Be A Meal For Younger Kids, Adults May Find It More Of A Snack. 

Order A Baked Potato To Make It A Meal. Wendy's Chicken Nuggets Are Crispier Than Burger King & McDonald's, But The Meat Tastes Manufactured. 

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