Fans of McDonald's are worried, know why? 

For the World Cup, McDonald's this week introduced a new breakfast option & an incredible McDelivery Chicken Combo. 

This season, McDonald's rethought its breakfast offerings by introducing the Mighty McMuffin. 

Despite their enthusiasm for the new Mighty McMuffin, several customers were taken aback by the long list of ingredients. 

Mirror reports that a TikTok user by the name of @mcdonalds0851 announced the new menu item & included a brief produced video. 

In the clip, someone spreads a thin layer of liquid on an English muffin before topping it with sauce & filling it with an egg, bacon, a sausage patty, & cheese. 

The video appears simple, but viewers have flooded the comments asking about the transparent liquid shown at the beginning. 

More than a million people have seen & commented on this TikTok video. Due to the video's creator disabling the comments section, neither new nor existing comments can be seen. 

The clear liquid identified as "Roast n' Fry" towards the end of the TikTok is listed as an ingredient in the McMuffin. 

According to McDonald's, it's only a "additive that helps with the fat and moisture," according to Mirror.

The article states that it works similarly to buttering bread or muffins at home in that it adds moisture to the baked good.

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