Emotionally Supportive dogs list

Emotional Support is invaluable. It reduce blood pressure, stress, sadness, anxiety, & PTSD. Doctors are discovering about pets' mental health benefits.

In May 2021, Toledo researchers found that emotional support animals aid people with chronic mental illness. More people use dogs for emotional assistance as they realize the benefits.

ESD breeds No. An emotional support dog must be well-behaved & toilet-trained, although none are trained. Some breeds are better than others.

Labrador Retrievers are trainable, intelligent, & friendly outdoor companions. Their eagerness to please & calmness make them reliable.

Labrador Retrievers

Yorkshire Terriers' hearts are huge. They'll sit on your lap for love. They're affectionate and emotional. They're portable. Some airlines allow them inside (although, sadly, the number is falling).

Yorkshire Terriers'

Corgis can understand facial emotions to provide emotional assistance. Corgis are king because they're always awake & aware of their surroundings. Smart & trainable, they follow directions.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affectionate. Originally created for comfort & camaraderie, they're great for anyone who needs a big embrace, especially people with PTSD & despair.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Larger pets make some feel safer. A Golden Retriever can sense your emotions & console you. They're loyal, pleasant, & vivacious, relieving depression. They obey & behave.

Golden Retriever

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