Easy Tomato Stains Removing Technique

Most families eat pasta. They're cheap, tasty, easy to cook, & can serve a lot of people. 

Easy spaghetti with tomatoes & goat cheese, zesty Italian pasta salad, & Greek-style beef skillet. Great pasta preserves sauces for later. 

Tomato sauce stains plastic storage trays. Tupperware may be soaked & scrubbed for hours without removing stains. That? 

Clean tomato-stained containers. Tomato stains—how? Martha Stewart suggests dish soap, water, & baking soda. 

Apartment Therapy recommends blue Dawn for all stains. Water, dish soap, & baking soda make this amazing stain-fighting mixture. 

Mix paste, scrub, & let sit for 15 minutes. Apply paste longer for deep stains. Rinse & scrape after paste works. Repeat. Avoid plastic bottle staining? 

Glass or corningware stores tomato sauce. Food containers abound. Barilla recommends oiling pasta without sauce to prevent sticking. Refrigerate. Two-day pasta. 

Freeze pasta & sauces in Ziploc freezer bags for over two days. Seal without air. Barilla suggests baking or microwaving sauced pasta. 

Boil or skillet-heat basic spaghetti for 30 seconds, drain, & enjoy!

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