Don't Cage These Dog Breeds—They're Born To Run!

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All current dog breeds descended from wolves, and like wolves, many don't like being indoors. 

These breeds require a lot of outside time. Greyhounds, nicknamed "cheetahs," are speedy. Greyhound owners race their fast dogs. 

Kings, poets, artists, & celebrities have possessed this royal breed. All Greyhounds love to run, play fetch, & run with their owners. Due to their aerodynamic skull, shock-absorbing foot pads, & inverted "S" form, greyhounds can run fast. 

Dalmatians' black & white spots stand out. These canines have assisted firefighters, nobility, & others for years. The American Kennel Club recommends daily exercise for Dalmatians. 

It's better to avoid vigorous outside activities until their bones fully grow around two years old. Hungarian athletes accompanied by Vizsla dogs. 

Active hunting dogs need regular mental & physical stimulation. This breed loves the outdoors since they are always active & energetic. Vizslas are smart & compassionate, but Canine Weekly found they need to keep busy to stay calm. 

Vizslas are ideal for extended excursions & walks. Rottweilers need early training. Training will calm, confident, & courageous them. Rottweilers aren't typically aggressive. 

The American Kennel Club says this breed loves their owners & develops separation anxiety soon. These athletic dogs need daily exercise. Rottweiler owners should swim, walk, & hike with their pets.

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