Dogs that are best for Senior Citizen

Top senior dogs. Life-changing senior dog: Pets lower blood pressure, cholesterol, & enhance serotonin, the "feel-good hormone."

Studies show that dogs make you happier & healthier. Dog ownership matters. Choosing a companion dog for your next stage entails many factors. 

Everyone's life and mobility are different, so you need to examine how active a dog you want.

How much living space you will share with them, & which breeds can adapt well to your lifestyle—some breeds are more likely to fit their owners' temperaments.

Need a lazy housedog? Pugs. They avoid activity & heat. Pugs love their owners & prefer to rest indoors. They love attention & play. Dog toys entertain them & you for hours.


Smart, obedient, & affectionate, this fluffy white dog. Bichon Frise dogs enjoy spending the day with their owners, other pets, & youngsters.


Greyhounds are quiet & manageable. Greyhounds only need short bursts of speed, so as long as you give them a chance to run all-out in a fenced-off area each day, they'll be okay sitting on the sofa.


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