Dogs need how much food? 

This dosage will keep your dog healthy.You brought home a puppy or a stray dog. How to feed & care for your four-legged pet is probably one of your first concerns. 

Wag warns that underfeeding your dog can lead to weight loss, poor energy, nutrition-related diseases, & even death. 

However, Born Free Pet Food warns that overfeeding your dog can cause obesity, which can lead to heart & respiratory issues, a shorter lifespan, & wasted money. 

Following the dog food packaging instructions is best for all dogs.

The American Kennel Club recommends feeding dogs twice a day with portions dependent on breed, size, age, & health. 

Since puppies are more active & need more nutrients to grow big & strong, Zignature dog food recommends feeding them twice as much as older dogs. 

Pregnant dogs also eat more. Talk to your vet about food amount and feeding schedule. Shallowford Animal Hospital says all canines require exercise. 

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