Dogs adore us unconditionally

They have unique physical, emotional, & intellectual qualities. 

Curly-haired dogs have beautiful ringlets, calm dogs are peaceful, & some even get along with cats. 

But did you know that some dog breeds are best suited to specific zodiac signs? 

If you're adopting a dog soon & know your zodiac sign, find out what breed suits your personality & home. For compatibility, look at zodiac signs as dogs. 

Jean Shafiroff, an animal activist & American Humane Society ambassador, answers this topic simply: “They need to get along, & that can develop through time, but they have to have an understanding of each other.”

 Generally, individuals enjoy other people that are similar [to themselves] & that applies for animals, too. They prefer relatable animals.” 

Check out the most loyal dog breeds for a BFF. Aries are strong-willed leaders. Thus, an Aries may favour a dog breed that shares similar traits & can follow their lead. 

Shafiroff lists German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, & Weimaraner as examples. Weimaraners are speedy. Taurus is loyal & wants luxury. 

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