This great breed doesn't have a "dog smell," and his short coat and small size also put him at the top of the list. Be careful not to get water in his ears when you bathe him. Even though he doesn't bark, he can make a lot of noise.


The stunning Vizsla is an odourless, easy-care hunting dog with a gentle disposition. As an added bonus, he doesn't drool or shed a lot of light. Dogs, like this one, require extensive physical activity.


Whippets are clean, odourless dogs who are also quiet around the house. They are wonderful choices for anyone who doesn’t live in an exceptionally chilly climate.


The Boston is a relatively mild shedder and has no doggie odour, so it travels well. Even though he is not the easiest breed to teach, he is well behaved and excellent around children.

Boston Terrier

Dobies are virtually odourless and modest shedders. The grooming process for these huge dogs is lengthier than that required for the other breeds on our list.

Doberman Pinscher

The Manchester Terrier has few flaws save his susceptibility to sunburn, but he is smart, easy to teach, and low maintenance otherwise. He's a wash-and-wear type of breed, otherwise.

Manchester Terrier

The Pointer is a high-energy dog that requires a lot of playtime but minimal maintenance. This sturdy breed is best suited for long days of hunting. The easiest way to clean him up after he gets filthy is to just hose him down. The Pointer is a beautiful, dignified, and loyal dog.


The German Shorthaired Pointer does shed slightly more than the average dog, but he is still not a big shedder. For his flawless appearance and contentment, all he requires is the occasional rubdown with a hound mitt.

 German Shorthaired Pointer

The Weimaraner has short hair that doesn't shed much. These hunting breeds were chosen because they don't need much care.


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