Dog Breeds that are Baby Friendly

Parents of the infants have much enough on their schedules & also in their minds. 

The only reason of stress of the parents is about that the dog they add into the family, will not be a perfect match for their curious & energetic little human.

Some families may choose to avoid, getting a dog until the kids are not getting enough older or may stop getting one altogether, much even if they like an idea of having a canine companion dog breed. 

But, according to the various case studies in this field, that suggest children who grow up with dogs & are getting the love & attention from their dogs, they can actually reap lots of health as well as social benefits. 

And there are plenty of pups who have an really perfect temperament for an toddler or infant.Of course, this is the fact that every dog has an individual personality, & this is by no means an exhaustive list of the only dog breeds for your infants. 

But, hopefully, this list will help as a starting point for your new canine companion search.

These majestic beauties have a well-earned reputation for being the ultimate family dog.Loving & loyal, there’s a reason these dogs were the featured protagonist in the iconic family movie "Homeward Bound."They’re patient, easy-going, & will make great cuddly siblings for little humans.

Golden Retriever

Beagles & their big brown pleading eyes are not only adorable, but great additions to the family.They’re notoriously relaxed, even if you’re out on a walk. They prefer to take in the smells & sounds rather than go sprinting toward any random squirrel.


There’s a reason these pups consistently get named the smartest of all dog breeds. If you give them the job of helping to herd, raise & protect your infant, they’ll take it very seriously & excel at it like they do any task you give them.


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