Do you Dislike cilantro? 

Not alone: In a recent interview, Ina Garten said she hated it as much as "passive-aggressive people" Vegetarians enjoy greens. 

I aim to include spinach & alfalfa sprouts in every meal, even breakfast. But I can't stand cilantro. 

My hatred for the herb is odd for someone who isn't picky. SciShow, a YouTube science show, estimates that 4-14% of individuals dislike cilantro because it tastes like soap.

 There's a whole subculture of people who never order tacos with lettuce. Scientists noticed the food phenomena & investigated. 

After questioning 30,000 people about cilantro, researchers noticed several commonalities among those who didn't enjoy it. Hank Green explains. 

Subjects who believed cilantro made salsa taste like soap had identical smell receptor genes. They shared a gene that codes for an aldehyde receptor. 

Aldehydes are a byproduct of soap production & give cilantro its scent. Not everyone who dislikes cilantro has the gene, & some people with it prefer the herb.

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