Differentiating gravy & sauce

The Gravy Versus Sauce Controversy Runs Deep In Italian American Culture, Producing Noisy, Gesticulating Conversations. 

With Thanksgiving Approaching, It's Natural To Presume We're Talking About The Brown Gravy Produced From Turkey Pan Drippings. 

Some Italian Americans Use 'Gravy' To Describe Spaghetti Sauce. 

Brown Gravy, Sauce, & Italian American 'Gravy' Are Related. Sugo Is An Italian Tomato Sauce, According To Delicious. 

The Thin Red Sauce Is The Base For Other Italian Pasta Sauces, Like Arrabiata. 

Italians Call Meat-In-Tomato-Sauce Rag. Using Celery, Onions, & Carrots As A Basis, Rags Are Slow-Cooked For Hours To Thicken & Blend Flavours. 

Rag Is The Bolognese Beef Sauce Via La Cucina Italiana. 

Italian Americans Know Where Their Families Stand, Just Like Martin Scorsese (Team Sauce) And "The Sopranos" (Team Gravy). 

Italian Immigrants In The Northeast, Especially The Bronx, Philadelphia, & South Boston, Use 'Gravy' To Describe A Meat-Thickened Crimson Sauce, A Rag. 

Sunday Gravy Meat Is Tomato Sauce Containing Sausage, Meatballs, Spare Ribs, & Pig Knuckles (Via Slate). 

The Italian Sons & Daughters Of America Dated The Use Of 'Gravy' And'sauce' To The Early 1900s. 

When An Italian Woman Described Her Red Sauce As 'Gravy' In The "New York Daily Tribune" & Chef Boyardee Took His Stance With His Canned'sauce.' 

Most Home Cooks Prepare Brown Gravy On Thanksgiving From The Thickened & Seasoned Fluids Of Cooked Meat, According To Merriam-Webster. 

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