Different types of Mastiff Breeds

The Mastiff's progenitor, the Molossus, was prehistoric man's best buddy 5,000 years ago. Mastiffs have more than 14 great breeds today. 

These drooly giants are one of the largest dog breeds, yet they love their owners & families, so don't be scared off by their size & stern appearance, which has given the breed an unjust image. 

Latin for "tame" or "domesticated," they make great pets. Mastiffs' snoring & farts must be accepted due to their muscular build & jowly appearance. 

The English Mastiff, the largest Mastiff breed at 230 pounds, is friendly & easygoing. They will be a loyal family member while showing little emotion. 

Despite their endurance, these gentle giants struggle in hot weather. The English Mastiff, also known as the Old English Mastiff, has a low-maintenance coat, but its big jowls make them drooly. 

This intelligent Argentinian Mastiff, often known as the Argentine Dogo, can be fun & easy to train while protecting its house & family. They were created to help people hunt wild boar. Some males weigh approximately 100 pounds, making them formidable dogs that can attack unfamiliar dogs. 

Bullmastiffs are bold, loyal, clever, & lovable canines bred in England in the 1860s from Old English Mastiffs & bulldogs. They can weigh 130 pounds & stand 26 inches, making them dangerous. 

They were originally developed to help gamekeepers guard their land from poachers. Unsurprisingly, these dogs' size and strength dissuade trespassers without much barking. 

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