Data shows the dog breeds most likely to attack people

Recent findings reveal that wolves created man's best friend.

Wolves survived by befriending early humans who gave them food. This started humans' centuries-long relationship with their pets.

More than 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, & 800,000 are treated by doctors.


German settlers produced the Plott hound, North Carolina's official dog, to hunt bears in the mountains. Plotts hunt, but they also want human companionship at night. 

Louisiana-bred Catahoula Leopard dogs were utilised by settlers to catch & manage wild hogs and cows. The breed needs to work & is independent & assertive, therefore they'll defend themselves if abused. 


Australian shepherds, one of the smartest breeds, need mental stimulation & daily exercise. They're part of America's cowboy culture and excel at search & rescue, narcotics detection.

Australian Shepherd

Golden retrievers are calm, lively, friendly, & easy to teach, making them ideal family pets. Since the early 1900s, they've been one of America's most popular dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

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