Theobromine, which is found in chocolate, raises heart rate, stimulates the central nervous system, and narrows blood vessels in animals.

The Dangers of Chocolate

The smallest amount of alcohol can have a devastating effect on a pet. Animals are prone to injuring themselves as they stumble around and run into things. 

Pets should not consume alcohol

Onions and garlic both contain poisonous compounds that can kill pets by destroying their red blood cells.

Toxicity of Onions and Garlic to Pets

Caffeine is toxic to pets, so don't give it to them. Methylated xanthine, like chocolate, stimulates the cardiovascular and neurological systems.

Dangers of Caffeine

Due to their high fat content, avocados are toxic to pets and can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and even pancreatitis.

Stay away from the avocados

Grapes are another potential choking hazard for small dogs, so it's important to feed them a healthy, age-appropriate diet.

Refrain from eating raisins and grapes

Nicotine, which is found in tobacco, has immediate effects on the brain system and digestive system of pets.


Some varieties of mushrooms are extremely poisonous and should never be consumed by humans. These may be poisonous, causing multiple organ failure, shock, and death in your pet.

Avoid Mushrooms

Milk causes diarrhea in lactose-intolerant pets. Pets lack the enzyme needed to break down milk sugar, causing vomiting, diarrhoea, and other GI issues.

Adult animals should avoid milk and cheese

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