Cold-Hating Dogs

If you love winter but prefer to stay inside under a blanket with the fire on, locate a dog who does too so you can snuggle up together. 

You May Choose Long Winter Walks With A Dog Who Enjoys Playing In The Snow With You & The Greatest Puppy Toys. 

Whatever The Cause, We've Compiled A List Of Cold-Hating Dogs To Help You Choose The Ideal Dog For Your Lifestyle. 

Basset Hounds Are Great Hunters & Trackers, But They Don't Like Being Cold For Long. Despite Their Stocky Bulk, Their Small Legs, Dangly Ears, & Thin Coat Make Them Unsuitable For Colder Weather. 

Winter Mutts Having To Drag Snow With Their Bellies & Ears! Dachshunds Look Like Bassets, But They're Smaller & Cuter. These Dogs Have Thin, Long Or Short Fur. 

With Their Slender Frames, Sparse Fur Coats, & Bellies That Contact The Snow, They Feel The Cold Faster Than Other Dog Breeds. 

If You're Going To Spend A Lot Of Time In The Snow With Your Pup, Choose One Of The Best Pet Trackers Because These Little Pups Are Easy To Lose In Deep Snow. 

Due To Their Short Noses, Brachycephalic Pugs Have Trouble Cooling Down In Hotter Weather. In Winter, Pugs Struggle To Remain Warm With Their Short Coats, So They Model Some Of The Greatest Dog Coats. 

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