Christmas cookies ranked

Gingerbread men are a holiday must-have. Here's a tried-&-true recipe. Coconut cookies with red raspberry jams are festive. 

When I prepare these shaped cookies for my husband & two sons, they never last long. 

Peppermint meltaways look festive on a cookie tray. I wrap these peppermint cookies in red or green plastic & add a festive ribbon. 

Yes, they melt in your mouth. My Christmas cookie plate is adorned with these soft spritz cookies. 

Easy-to-work-with dough makes it enjoyable to mould spritz cookies into festive forms. 

Best ever spritz cookie recipe. Melt-in-your-mouth whipped shortbread Christmas cookies. 

I cook them for wedding showers & ladies' teas year-round. 

Traditional no-bake rum balls are delicious. I make a few dozen & present them as Christmas gifts. 

These butter sugar cookies are a Christmas staple. You can use the dough recipe for other festivals. 

Children enjoy decorating cookies. My favourite Christmas cookie. I freeze some before the holidays. 

My Scottish mum gave me this shortbread recipe & others.

This treat got a red ribbon at the show.

I love giving time-tested holiday sweets like dipped gingersnaps.

White chocolate makes gingersnaps even better.

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