Chocolate Eclair Cake An Easy Dessert That Requires No Baking!

This decadent Chocolate Eclair Cake is an old-fashioned icebox cake that requires no baking & is constructed with alternating layers of graham cracker crumbs. 

Vanilla pudding, & creamy pudding, & is finished with a layer of decadent chocolate frosting. 

It is like eating a traditional eclair dessert, except there is none of the preparation required. 

The preparation time for this eclair cake recipe is only twenty minutes before it needs to be chilled. 

Using graham crackers, line the bottom of a baking dish measuring 9 by 13 inches. The pudding mix should be placed in a big bowl. 

Stir in three cups of milk with a whisk for one to two minutes, or until the pudding has reached the desired consistency. Incorporate the whipped topping. 

On top of the graham crackers, evenly distribute half of the pudding mixture. Add a second layer of graham crackers on top of the pudding mixture, & then cover this with the remaining pudding mixture. 

One last layer of crackers should be added to the very top. On the stovetop, combine the chocolate & butter & melt them over a low to medium heat. Mix in some powdered sugar, corn syrup, & vanilla extract, along with three tablespoons of milk. 

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