Cherry pecan thumbprints

Cherry Pecan Thumbprint Cookies are beautiful & delicious. This cookie has a buttery foundation, pecans, cherry filling, & white chocolate. 

You probably have all the ingredients for my husband's favourite Christmas cookie. Butter, shortening, salt, egg, brown sugar, flour, vanilla, pecans, milk, maraschino cheries, white chocolate chips. 

I don't like using my thumb to bake thumbprint cookies. Using a teaspoon for these cookies is easier & less messy. 

If the teaspoon sticks, gently move it or press the cookie dough with your fingertips. Be careful not to thin or hole the cookie indentation. You can quickly patch a hole or tear. 

Make uniform-sized cookies with a tiny scoop. OXO scoop. Use two forks to toss the balls in egg white and then pecans. I use Texas-grown Millican Pecans. 

Fill thumbprints with 1/4 teaspoon. Perfect. I drizzle white chocolate with a fork to avoid huge globs. I love pecan cookies, but some don't. 

My husband's walnut allergy is why I keep pecans. You can replace walnuts for pecans. Finely cut them. Cream butter, shortening, brown sugar, & salt for 5 minutes. 

Incorporate egg yolk & vanilla. Mix flour into creamed mixture. Cover & refrigerate cookie dough for 30 minutes. 350° oven. Foam egg white in a shallow dish. Plate or dish pecans. 

Form dough balls using a #60 (2-teaspoon) scoop. Egg white-dipped, pecan-rolled balls. Separate balls 2 inches on ungreased baking sheets. Indent each with the back of a teaspoon,not create a hole. 

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