Breeds of Dogs With the Best Manners That You Can Own

All dogs are good. That is a proven fact. However, it is also true that some dog breeds are known to be more mischievous than others. 

It is reassuring to know that your fur baby didn't destroy your shoes or furniture while you were gone, even if coming home to your fur baby will always be a source of happiness for you. 

But which types of dogs are generally recognised for having the best manners? They range from the itty-bitty papillon to the enormous Irish wolfhound, encompassing canines of every conceivable size & character. 

These are the dog breeds that have the highest reputations for good behaviour, so you can have all the affection without any of the hassles. 

This breed is known as the Papillon because of its notably large & fluttery ears, which resemble the wings of a butterfly, which is the French word for papillon. 

Because of their size, the dogs are happy & playful, which makes taking care of them quite simple. It's possible that shedding will be an issue, but given how cute they are & how pleasant they are to be around, we'd gladly put up with having to clean up hair for these little sweethearts. 

The dog that represents Cuba is a member of this highly sociable breed. The distinctively long, silky fur of a Havanese dog, along with the breed's characteristically wide ears, gives these dogs the appearance of having a medium-length cut. 

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