Bobby Flay's Thanksgiving Trick

Thanksgiving is more than a Sunday dinner for many home cooks. 

With more people & food, the table may resemble a restaurant menu. 

A good Christmas meal doesn't have to be daunting, despite what certain hotlines, meal prep services, & restaurants may say. 

Meal prep, planning, & a few techniques can make even a rookie cook look like an expert. Food Network gathered 10 "sanity-saving" ideas for the occasion. 

Slow cooker as a food warmer, thermos as a gravy warmer, & ice chest as a refrigerator are all good ideas. 

Other kitchen & housing goods have secondary or tertiary applications. Even if individuals in colder climates use the snow drift outside the back door or turn the pancake griddle into a roll warmer. 

Bobby Flay has shared his Thanksgiving feast over the years. He previously showed "Today" how to create pumpkin soup shooters & a luscious Thanksgiving turkey. 

Now the acclaimed chef gives home cooks a simple cooking tip to warm up Christmas culinary staples. 

Flay told Food & Wine, "Warm chicken stock is essential for reheating stuffing and turkey." Flay suggests warming food in tasty chicken broth to avoid drying it out. 

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