Best way to store Onions & Potatoes

As you all know that potatoes should not be kept in a refrigerator. 

But it is easy to think that onions & potatoes must be stored together in the pantry. 

Here's the truth—storing them together might not be the idea to get best results. 

Sure, bulls & spuds are tasty when they are combined together in the meals. But they should really be stored far away from each other. Why? 

Your onions produce & emit ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening process & can cause nearby potatoes to rot & spoil more quickly. 

However, garlic, another root bulb, can be safely stored alongside onions with no scary sideeffect. By the way, here's what to do when potatoes turn green. 

Weather you believe or not but it is true that your potatoes should be stored in a dark, cool, dry place, such as a cupboard or pantry for up to more than five weeks. 

You can even use a storage container that is well-ventilated, such as a crate, a cardboard box having holes in it, or any container that will allows any excess moisture to evaporate. 

You should keep the container covered to block light & prevent your spuds from spouting. If your potatoes have gone soft, wrinkled or have sprouted more than few centimetres, they've likely gone bad.

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