Best Taco Bell worldwide

Best Taco Bell worldwide
We understand why Taco Bell sells roughly 1 billion burritos per year. 

Taco Bell burritos are affordable, filling, portable, & packed with the chain's greatest ingredients. 

With over a dozen burritos & many personalization options, it can be hard to decide. The Bean Burrito or the nearly 1,000-calorie Grilled Cheese Burrito? 

We know the answer after testing everything but Taco Bell's new burrito (with nacho fries!). Taco Bell's finest burritos. This exceptional burrito is Taco Bell's most calorie & costly. 

The best burrito has crispy grilled cheese & hot jalapeƱo coating. This artery-clogging dish has loads of meat, two sauces, sour cream, & fiesta strips. If you hate spice, try the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito or our runner-up. 

The Grilled Cheese Burrito balances price, flavour, & calories. This burrito has everything but more seasoned meat & jalapenos. Taco Bell has many meatless alternatives. With its grilled tortilla, spicy chipotle sauce, & robust black beans. 

Main drawback? The orange goop that coats the tortilla overpowers the other flavours. Order the Fiesta Veggie Burrito with its crispy fiesta strips, chipotle sauce, & seasoned rice. 

The burrito's weakest point is the guacamole mush & tasteless chopped tomatoes. This burrito might rival the chain's meat-filled alternatives with a handful of fresh, crispy lettuce & acidic tomatoes. 

The chain's lowest-calorie burrito, a squishy mixture of beans, red sauce, cheese, & onions, tastes OK. It's dull. The four-ingredient Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito is affordable, tasty, & vegetarian-friendly. 

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