The energetic Golden Retriever is tolerant enough for toddlers and older kids. Goldens adore fun and will join any adventure. Their patience, trainability, and friendliness are top-notch.

Golden Retriever

These energetic, even-tempered dogs are great with kids. Labs learn to be gentle with children surprisingly quickly. As water dogs, they love splashing in oceans, lakes, and streams.

Labrador Retriever

Charm, cuteness, and friendliness make the Beagle a great family dog. If you don't mind noise, the Beagle is family fun. They're the right size and speed for toddlers.


Collies are smart, kind, and fun. Consider the smooth Collie, which has the same temperament but less hair. Collies make great family dogs because they "herd" kids, which is hilarious to small children. The Collie is the only tolerant herder on the list; the others may be too firm with kids.


Newfies are called "honest dogs." Gentle giants are natural lifesavers in the water and on land. They're big enough to withstand toddlers running into them and serve as pillows for tired kids.


No other dog can match the Irish Setter's gentleness and energy. This family dog breed is as friendly as the Beagle and trustworthy around babies. Despite rumours, this is a smart, empathetic dog breed.

Irish Setter

Bulldogs love children, but they may drool on them. They're protective and make good watchdogs. This gentle family dog breed isn't easily trained, but they're well-behaved by nature.


The quiet and well-mannered Vizsla is unmatched at play. Lively and affectionate, this breed adores kids. Vizslas try to be lapdogs until playtime, then play tirelessly.


The Standard Poodle's pomposity is a clever act. Calm and dignified around adults, the Poodle is a team player with kids, willing to play any game. They're good at dog tricks.

Standard Poodle

Boxers may be the most playful dog. This energetic dog is great with kids. Some Boxers are too strong and headstrong for young children, but they're trainable.


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