A therapy dog. Vizslas are joyful, affectionate, and love to spend time with their owners outdoors and at night. Athletic and energetic, they need a jogging or biking pal to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Moreover, vizslas groom like cats, so they don't smell and are easy to clean.


Labs are loyal emotional support, therapy, and service dogs. The joyful, bright, and naturally friendly Labrador Retriever is contagious and gives huge, sloppy kisses. These dogs have a great desire to please and can perfectly attune to your moods. No other dog will stay by your side like a Lab.

Labrador Retriever

Yorkies have assisted people emotionally and mentally for ages, especially WW1 soldiers. These small pups are affectionate. Yorkshire Terriers can flourish in small homes and are easy to handle, which is great for emotionally challenged individuals.

Yorkshire Terrier

Behind the grouchy face is a cheerful, hugging emotional support pug. Pugs have funny, cheerful minds. Their intuitions and desire to help others intertwine. These dogs are smart, kind, and can attune to your emotions and happiness. Due to their short noses, most airlines don't allow pugs to fly.


Cavalier King Charles' Spaniel-the loyal dog named after its master! These long-domesticated dogs make great life partners and offer emotional support. Comforter Spaniel won't mind sharing love and devotion. These cuddling bugs are great for reducing sadness since they love to cuddle. 

Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniel

This "monkey-faced" puppy will put a grin on your face. The Brussels Griffon pays close attention, is inquisitive, enjoys life, is loving, and may get quite emotional. This dog, apparently oblivious to the concept of "personal space," will sit on your lap whenever it pleases.

Brussels Griffon

The gentle giants are the best choice for a dog to help with your emotions. Golden retrievers have a gentle demeanour and are great companions for people of all ages and physical abilities. They have a positive attitude that spreads to their caregivers and helps them overcome mental illness.

Golden Retriever

People's traits and everything about Corgis lead to their emotional support. This intelligent, affectionate dog's loving expression and loyalty will create the tone. A Corgi's sociability extends to humans, other canines, even non-canines. These energetic dogs can help owners who want physical fitness to supplement emotional assistance.


Everyone knows that Irish Wolfhounds are naturally protective, so it makes sense to have them as emotional support animals. Irish Wolfhounds are so sensitive and patient that they can tell when their owner is sad and will do whatever it takes to make them feel better.

Irish Wolfhound

Chihuahuas have loads of personality and can help with mental health difficulties. Chi's have grit and character and will wish you were there. Chihuahuas are little but sturdy, well-mannered, and lovable. Don't worry about long trips. You can carry it in a nice bag to treat travel anxiety.


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