Beautiful Dogs According to Experts

Most people know every dog is special. Sometimes it's their easygoing nature. Others' coats can be puffy. 

Funny-looking dogs can even make us love them more. 

Still, some dogs have regal & magnificent looks that stick out. Experts list the eight most gorgeous dog breeds below.

 Daniel Caughill, co-founder of The Dog Tale & canine expert says that Samoyeds have a thick, luscious coat that makes them one of the most gorgeous dog breeds.


For millennia, certain canines have been admired for their appearance. One breed has charmed some of history's greatest monarchs. 


The German Shepherd is a well-known breed. Its sharp features & intimidating stature have become linked with strength & security. 

German Shepherd

Beauty is subjective, as the adage goes. Experts say beauty might also be in the eye of the grooming salon hair clipper. 


Breeds' coats range from frizzy & fluffy to almost non-existent. One dog's elegant form & luxuriously long locks make it a dog show favourite.

Irish Setter

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