Avoid These Steakhouse Chain Orders

Steakhouse chains are constant. You can walk into most & order your favourite steak, robust sides, & leave full. 

The most surprising thing is that no meat-&-potatoes restaurant has cornered the market, even though these steakhouse classics are almost cliché. 

Instead, national steakhouse companies from costly to low share the area. 

Outbacks and Smith & Wollenskys exist. Good news for steakhouses of all prices? They're attracting Americans post-pandemic. 

Last year, most brands increased sales. Before you join the masses, dietician Sydney Greene, MS, RD gave us some health suggestions on what to order & what to avoid. 

Texas Roadhouse's Country Fried Sirloin is a complete meal in the Country Dinners division. "Hand-battered, fresh-cut sirloin served crispy & golden, topped with cream gravy," the restaurant says. 

Greene calls it rich in cholesterol, saturated fat, & salt. The battered and fried red meat & sauce cause this! Talk about portion control—this steakhouse specialty has more than half the daily recommended calorie intake. 

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