Astrologer's 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign gets lucky. Your monthly or annual horoscope can inform you which lucky days to circle on your calendar to maximise them. 

Few zodiac signs are lucky year-round. Astrologer Tara Bennet lists the luckiest signs overall & in 2023. Jupiter influences luck in astrology. 

Jupiter "massively influences" a sign's luck, according to Bennet. Jupiter circles the zodiac every 12 years. “Lady luck will undoubtedly smile on you,” Bennet says. 

Jupiter favours each sign differently, depending on their traits & attributes. Jupiter favours Aries & Taurus in 2023. Jupiter will provide rams "plenty of luck" in business, Bennet believes. 

Aries, believe in your ability to manifest your career. Bennet argues the Rams should take a risk and tap into their entrepreneurial drive or make a significant career shift. 

Taurus will be lucky later in the year. Jupiter will help bulls find love. Three zodiac signs always have luck, including Aries and Taurus in 2023. Bennet's luckiest zodiac signs follow. 

Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini. Bennet credits the air sign's "silver tongue" for their luck. “They charm their way into the hearts of everyone around them, opening doors & fast tracking themselves to the top,” she continues. 

They have a gift that makes them lucky. Because they believe it, fiery Leo is one of the fortunate zodiac signs year-round. Leos are born "masters of the universe" and expect good success, according to Bennet.

“Their belief in success encourages them to seize every opportunity,” she continues. “Taking chances but never doubting they'll succeed is the lion's key to luck.” Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, makes them lucky. 

Jupiter represents luck and expansion, making Sagittarius the luckiest sign. Bennet believes they're open to every possibility since they're both fire & malleable.

“Adventurers and risk takers, Sag's use their fire to supercharge their luck, bringing good fortune into all facets of their lives.”

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