American & International Best Fried Chicken

We've eaten fried chicken worldwide. See our top fried chicken in the US & seven other countries. 

We didn't plan to consume fried chicken across four American time zones & then export our poultry love. 

We love fried chicken. This passion goes beyond southern fried chicken. We like fried chicken with donuts, waffles, & toast. 

We like it hot & spicy from the fryer. We adore it in sit-down fried chicken restaurants & grimy dives. We love everything. What started it? 

Atlanta's The Colonnade & Mary Mac's Tea Room were Mindi's childhood fried chicken haunts. Daryl tried Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeyes, & Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market. 

We developed our love for the golden brown bird shortly after meeting in 2006. We've made ridiculous detours for fried chicken, & sometimes we've found wonderful fried chicken by chance. 

We're fried chicken experts now. The American south is a destination for fried chicken lovers, but there are other fantastic places to eat it. We realised on our three-year world tour that it's not the only place to eat good fried chicken. 

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