Amazing Hard-Boiled Egg Peeling Hack

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Different hacks claim to alleviate the centuries-old challenge of peeling hard-boiled eggs. 

Get Cracking teaches "tap & roll." Wholefully suggests using chilled eggs, while Food & Wine suggests a spoon. 

Gordon Ramsay's foolproof method for peeling boiled eggs involves tapping & immersing them in cold water. 

While these tactics work, there's a faster, less messy method. It may be more fun than the others. YouTuber Max Klymenko tried the trick & posted a video online. 

He calls it "peeling an egg without peeling" (via Instagram). The three-step process takes 30 seconds. This method peels an egg in 30 seconds. 

Here are Max Klymenko's Instagram steps: Crack the egg on the air cell side (the larger side). Peel off a nickel-sized piece of shell. 

Crack the opposite end's shell & take out a tiny chunk. Hold the egg in one hand, take a deep breath, & blow into the smaller hole to force it out of the larger side. 

Klymenko makes it appear easy, but is it? Ashley Holt tried it live on TODAY. Her live attempt in front of her co-hosts failed, but she had video proof that it worked. 

"This approach only works in certain situations," she remarked. 

She says the trick requires fresh eggs. Melinda Friend tried the trick after consuming two glasses of wine, according to Caters Clips. 

Friend blew an egg out of its shell twice while slightly inebriated. True. If you wish to try it, remember Holt's advise & be ready to capture the egg. Success!

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