7 Signs She Loves You Madly

You can't tell if this woman likes you, like many guys before you. Here are 7 signals that she's crazy about you & you should talk to her.

She always makes time for you, which is an indication she loves you. Is she visiting your residence more often? Has she started watching football games with you despite her inability to distinguish teams? Bro, she probably likes you & doesn't care about football.

She Enjoys Your Company

When a lady loves you, she ignores other romantic prospects. She remembers small facts from your conversations? Does she notice your new haircut, clothing, or cologne? If she loves you, bro, you should act.

She Notices You

Another significant clue that a lady is madly in love with you is that you talk every day, whether by phone or text, and never run out of things to talk about. She likes you if she starts a lot of your chats.

She Likes Communicating

If she laughs at your jokes—even the dry ones—she may be in love with you. While guys are built to be more obvious while flirting, most women like to offer subtle indications that they are interested, & one of the surest signs is if she laughs or grins a lot when you are near her.

She Enjoys Your Jokes

A woman in love opens up & lets loose around the guy she loves, taking an interest in your life & updating you on hers. Does she talk about her unpleasant co-worker Susan, her best friend, or her aunt she thinks is a witch? She may adore you madly.

She Disseminates

She also acts jealous when you flirt with other women.Does she get angry or agitated during long phone chats with other women? She loves you.

Her Jealousy

Social media is one of the easiest ways to track someone in the age of technology & social media.Women—especially in love—are the best at social media stalking. She can identify the girl that comments & reacts with heart emojis to all your postings. 

She stalks you online

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