3 Zodiac Signs That Are Party Animals

Some folks can have fun whenever. They can make any birthday celebration the Met Gala. 

Astrology can explain these socialites' capacity to keep the party going &, let's face it, inability to go home. 

Your birth chart might reveal whether you are a party animal. Fire signs—Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius—are usually the life of the party. 

They're loud, proud, & bold, so they'll jump at any chance to dance or conduct charades. “Fire emanates dynamic & enthusiastic energy,” astrologer & Sun Signs In Love author Desiree Roby Antila tells Bustle.

 “These sun signs are forceful, independent, & pioneering.” Finding your party animal starts with your sun sign, which defines your personality. Your ascendant or rising sign affects your social expression. 

If your rising sign is bold Aries, you probably like a good time, even at a gathering where you don't know many people. Are you a show-stopper? Check out which zodiac signs are party animals. Fearless Aries demands a ball at parties. 

The ram loves to paint the town red & compete, even if it means hurting others. Leo enjoys life. They love taking over conversations & karaoke. Leos shine. Antila believes the zodiac royalty will do what they must to be the centre of attention, & odds are they brought half the party with them. 

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