10 scent-sensitive tracking dogs

The best tracking dogs have an unmatched sense of smell that humans have used for hunting & retrieving on land & water, aiding police & military activities, & frequently being the most important part of human search and rescue teams. They deserve top dog treats!


When on a tracking job, the Bloodhound is tenacious & stubborn. Bloodhounds were bred to hunt deer & wild boar before learning to track people. According to the Journal of Forensic Sciences, senior bloodhounds can track.


The friendly, happy-go-lucky Beagle is a great hunting dog & companion. These hounds are used worldwide to track animals since they have a high sense of smell & are taught to follow odours.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are outstanding police & search & rescue dogs due to their devotion, attentiveness, & curiosity, courage, & confidence. 

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